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Rudbeckia/ Development

Build and Test ML Models

ML Skills Academy provides a sandbox environment for developers to experiment with machine learning tools. Developers can apply theoretical knowledge, allowing them to experiment with machine learning algorithms, datasets, and models in real-time.

Developers can explore new ideas and techniques without the fear of breaking production systems, fostering creativity and innovation in machine learning development.

The sandbox provides instant feedback on code execution, enabling developers to iterate quickly, troubleshoot errors, and refine their machine learning solutions efficiently.


Interactive Sandbox

Live Code Execution

Developers can write and execute code in real-time within the sandbox environment, allowing for immediate feedback and debugging.

Access to Large Datasets

The sandbox provides access to diverse and extensive datasets, enabling developers to train and test machine learning models on realistic data.

Collaboration Tools

Features like version control, comments, and sharing functionalities foster collaboration among developers, facilitating teamwork on ML projects.


The sandbox is scalable, allowing developers to work on projects of varying complexities and sizes without constraints, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Be creative through experimentation.