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We fast-track software developers to master ML

At ML Skills Academy, we believe that mastering machine learning (ML) is essential for every software developer. Our platform provides comprehensive, hands-on training to equip developers with the skills they need to succeed in today’s data-driven world. With industry-specific pathways and practical projects, we’re here to support you every step of the way on your ML journey. 

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Master ML in 12 weeks

We help you to upskill in record time so you can start building ML solutions and generating revenue.

At ML Skills Academy, we offer software developers a unique opportunity to excel in machine learning with our hands-on learning platform. Our industry-specific pathways allow developers to acquire practical skills that are directly applicable to their work. .
We accelerate skill development by providing project-based training that emphasizes practical application. By learning through building real projects, developers can strengthen their understanding of machine learning concepts and techniques while simultaneously expanding their portfolio.
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Co-founder & CEO
Cleidi Hearn
Co-founder & CTO
Nikhita Venkatesh
ML Engineer
Shraddha Shelar
ML Engineer
Ashish Hardas
ML Engineer
Julieta Rubis
ML Engineer
Malavika Venkatesh

We empower developers to build ML tools confidently.

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We are 100% focused on ML skills.

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